The CSTT has moved!

From February 2022 on this website will be dormant.

You will be able to find all publications, project documents, staff profiles, media mentions and contact details of the CSTT on the profile of the Sustainable Tourism and Transport research group at Breda University of Applied Sciences' Research (Pure) Portal.

The Sustainable Tourism and Transport research group aims to bridge the knowledge gap between the role of tourism and tourism transport in several global environmental challenges.

Tourism and particularly tourism transport, contribute significantly to global environmental challenges (notably climate change, but also biodiversity loss and health) and effective policies to address these challenges remain largely absent. The Sustainable Tourism and Transport research group therefore strives for meaningful changes that contribute to a reduction of tourism’s environmental footprint by creating impact on relevant tourism and environmental policy domains and on the awareness and practices of relevant organisations and the public at large.

Our research adopts an integrated perspective on tourism that includes all tourist flows to and from destinations (domestic and international, and all travel purposes, including business travel).

We use our research to help businesses, consumers, and policymakers to take actions that effectively address these challenges. To this end, we:
  1. Measure and forecast the effects of tourism and tourism transport on the environment – particularly carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions – and possible consequences for consumers and businesses under current and alternative policy regimes.
  2. Examine and influence processes of policy formation to guide policy actors in the development of alternative policies that effectively address specific tourism-related environmental challenges – particularly climate change.
  3. Explore innovative approaches, measures, ideas, new applications.
  4. Develop innovative tools – including serious gaming applications and enlightening translations of scientific outcomes for both policymakers, the public, and business-leaders – to assist policymaking.
The research team:
  • Professor Paul Peeters
  • Harald Buijtendijk
  • Erdinç Çakmak
  • Eke Eijgelaar
  • Ivar Neelis
  • Cheryl van Adrichem
(Breda, February 2022)


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