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CARMACAL Winner WTTC Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2016!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

CARMACAL, the B2B carbon calculator developed under project CARMATOP, has won the prestigious World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Tourism for Tomorrow Innovation Award 2016. CARMATOP was a two-year RAAK project, lead by NHTV's Centre for Sustainable Tourism and Transport, with partners such as ANVR, HZ University, several Dutch tour operators and other partners.
The Awards were presented at a special ceremony during the 16th WTTC Global Summit in Dallas, Texas, USA, on April 7 2016. They showcase business leadership in sustainable tourism, celebrating ground breaking and inspiring initiatives across five categories, of which the Innovation Award is one.

From the WTCC press release:
"Until now, a significant problem with most carbon calculators was that they focussed on only a limited part of the tourism package - typically either aviation or accommodation. However, thanks to Carmacal, the first B2B carbon calculator for tourism enterprises, it is now possible to measure all aspects of a holiday with one tool. Carmacal is the only carbon calculator to be able to provide climate footprints at the level of airline/aircraft combinations per route, while also estimating the carbon footprint for 500,000 accommodation options around the world. It means that tour operators can now assess the carbon impact of the packages they offer more thoroughly than ever before, and look for ways to make them more efficient. Something that will add value to thousands of businesses across the world."

Frank Oostdam, director ANVR, in the ANVR press release:
"Out of 157 national and international contributions, our carbon calculator was chosen as the world best initiative by a jury of 20. And of course we are extremely proud of that. We expect interest from national and international travel companies for this unique holiday footprint calculator, as it is usable worldwide."

Paul Peeters, NHTV Centre for Sustainable Tourism and Transport, project leader:
Measuring is knowing! Carmacal forms an indispensable link in the mitigation of tourism's contribution to climate change. It helps tour operators, destinations and other tourism-related organisations, including educational institutes. The calculator's very precise and complete carbon footprint details of a package, or parts of it, for an incoming market of a destination for example, do not only form the base for information to travellers, but also for carbon management targeted at reducing emissions in the most economical way."

The WTTC Award is the third for the CARMATOP project and its CARMACAL calculator, after the Dutch Green Feather Award and the RAAK 3rd prize, both in 2015.

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