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Eke Eijgelaar in consumer programme on Dutch national television

Thursday, April 22, 2010

On behalf of the Centre for Sustainable Tourism & Transport (CSTT), Eke Eijgelaar appeared on Dutch national television (NED 2) on April 19, 2010. CSTT was invited by public broadcaster VARA for a special on sustainable travel and travel-related problems of the consumer programme “Volgende Vraag” (Next question). In this live programme, consumers can ask questions via email or phone. Eke was to answer those on sustainable travel and an expert on consumer issues those on travel-related problems. As the broadcast coincided with the volcanic eruption in Iceland, which left thousands of travellers stranded, many questions related to this topic. However, Eke was able to explain some matters related to sustainable travel, like the problems associated with flying, carbon-offsetting, and how and where to go in order to reduce holiday emissions. After the broadcast finished on national TV, it continued on digital broadcaster Consumenten24.

Online information:
The programme’s Website (Dutch only) can be found under:
The first part of the programme (24 min.), on VARA/NED 2, can be viewed here:
For the second part (19 min.), on digital broadcaster Consumenten24, see: