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Huge media coverage for Carmacal and Paul Peeters

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

On Tuesday 12 April 2016, CARMACAL and Paul Peeters were all over the Dutch media. After an article on the front page of the newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’, media attention skyrocketed.

It all started on Thursday 7 April, when CARMACAL won the prestigious Tourism for Tomorrow Innovation Award 2016 from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). CARMACAL is the product of the CARMATOP project of NHTV's Centre for Sustainable Tourism and Transport, ANVR and other partners. Dutch media coverage was limited after winning the award; regional daily BN De Stem published a short article.
Paul Peeters was interviewed by ‘De Volkskrant’ (one of the biggest national newspapers), but then we had to wait until April 12. It was well worth the wait, as this article was on the front page of ‘De Volkskrant‘. For an English summary of the Volkskrant's article, see articles on DutchNews.nl or NLTimes.nl.

The Volkskrant article sparked a lot of attention from Dutch television, radio, newspapers and news websites:
  • The news programme 9 o’clock NOS Journaal opened with the news (without mentioning CARMACAL, Paul Peeters or NHTV). Later editions of the NOS Journaal also contained this item, some with an interview with ANVR director Frank Oostdam
  • BNR Radio featured an interview with Paul Peeters
  • Television programma Hallo Nederland interviewed Paul Peeters and Frank Oostdam
  • News website nu.nl referred to the Volkskrant article
  • Paul Peeters was interviewed for radio on regional broadcasting company Omroep Brabant
  • An article in national newspaper Trouw
  • National newspapers Algemeen Dagblad and Nederlands Dagblad covered the Volkskrant article
  • News programme RTL Nieuws interviewed Frank Oostdam
  • Television programme RTL Z also interviewed Frank Oostdam
You can find a more complete list on our press page.