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Lilian Wanderley is nominated as the facilitator for Social Responsibility at NHTV

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Executive Board of NHTV approved the policy on Social Responsibility as a strategic issue. One of the first actions, is the nomination of Dr Lilian Wanderley (coordinator of the minor Sustainable Business Development) as the facilitator for Social Responsibility Network. If you want to participate in this network at your exchange experiences, learn from others, to develop joint axctiviteiten, please contact Lilian Wanderley (extension 2189 or wanderley.l @ nhtv.nl).

In the strategic plan 2009-2012 Social Responsibility is included as a new strategic theme. At the request of the Executive Board a policy proposal for the next three years has been developed. An overview has been made about the activities which are already undertaken. It shows that all curricula will focus on aspects of Social Responsibility. The outcome of the interviews, workshops and discussions in the ACO (consultations of Executive Board and academy directors) is a document describing the approach of Social Responsibility, describing the strategic vision and objectives for 2012, and how the process will start.

The strategic objective for Social Responsibility is as follows:
NHTV educates professionals who are aware of the importance of (Corporate) Social Responsibility and this awareness can be developed into viable solutions with a social value, and contributes to the knowledge of NHTV on Social Responsibility, through research and publications.

One of the results of the discussion conducted in the ACO, is the request to explore whether and how links between the three strategic themes Imagineering, Cross Cultural Understanding and Social Responsibility can be made. Which has resulted in a lively and rich dialogue that has not been completed.

Other activities of Lilian:
- To invite colleagues to the network
- To support students with their assignments (and graduate studies) on SR
- To establish a research program with professors and lecturers
- To publish in scientific journals and give presentations at conferences.