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PRESS RELEASE - Report on CO2 emissions of Dutch holidaymakers in 2009 released

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Centre for Sustainable Tourism and Transport (CSTT) at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences would like to announce the release of ‘Travelling large in 2009: The carbon footprint of Dutch holidaymakers in 2009 and the development since 2002’. The report was compiled by NHTV CSTT, in collaboration with NRIT Research and NBTC-NIPO Research.

‘Travelling large in 2009’ is the third report in CSTT’s series on the Dutch holiday carbon footprint. It presents detailed information on the carbon footprint and eco-efficiency of holidays by the Dutch in 2009, and on the development of holiday emissions through the years 2002-2005-2008-2009. Data on Dutch travel behaviour from the Continuous Holiday Survey (CVO), the annual holiday survey in the Netherlands, form the basis of this report. Specifically for this analysis, as an indicator for the environmental effect of tourism, the carbon footprint was used and added to the CVO.

Among the more striking results is a 16.5% increase of the total carbon footprint of Dutch holidaymakers between 2002 and 2009, despite a recession induced 2.9% decrease between 2008 and 2009. The overall growth can still be largely attributed to the increased use of the airplane for holiday purposes, due to the strong growth of intercontinental long-haul holidays.

The database shows holidays by cycle and train, as well as non-organised holidays, have a relatively small carbon footprint, whereas holidays by plane, those spend in hotels, and organised holidays, have a relatively high environmental impact. The information in the report provides perspectives for Dutch industry stakeholders towards developing and selling more sustainable travel products, and for policymakers to take a new approach on aviation and outbound tourism development. This kind of action is badly needed when comparing the overall increase in Dutch holiday emissions with national and EU emission reduction targets.
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