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Serious Gaming Workshop at Balestrand Summit in Norway

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Norwegian tourism sector joins forces in the ambitious Sustainable Destination Norway 2025 project. They work towards a tourism sector that is both sustainable in the environmental and economical sense. During the third Balestrand Summit (www.vestforsk.no/index.html/aktuelt/balestrand) the delegates tried to reach the sustainability goals of the Sustainable Destination Norway project during the Serious Gaming Workshop. To get people acquainted with the complexity of the problem they were divided in groups with their own set of policy measures (‘ministries’). Their mission was to reach the simple goal of reducing carbon emission by 30% in 2025, while retaining the total tourism revenues at a reasonable level. They learned that this is a complex goal to reach, and without cooperation among the four groups it is difficult to accomplish. The participants reacted very enthusiastic to the Serious Gaming Workshop and saw the large potential in this way of learning and of exploring policies. For further information please contact Stefan Tiemensma (tiemensma.s@nhtv.nl) or Paul Peeters (peeters.p@nhtv.nl).