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Successful CeLToR workshop at Dutch Tourism Expo 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On the 11th of January 2012, the Changes in Tourism event was held at the Dutch Tourism Expo. The programme, organised by ANVR in cooperation with CeLToR (Centre for Leisure and Tourism Research) and IUCN Netherlands, was centered around the many changes the tourism sector faces, from changing consumer behavior to impacts from climate change and climate policy. The aim was to contribute to a more sustainable, pro-active sector, and to bring tourism research(ers) and tourism practicioners closer together.

These goals were achieved, with over 170 participants listening to an inspiring keynote by Professor Stefan Gössling from Lund University, and around 100 enthousiastic industry representatives participating in the CeLToR workshop ‘Knowledge creates profit: research towards the sustainable development of tourism’ (held in Dutch). Speaking about a 2011 CSTT project, Floris Fluitsma, director of tour operator Sawadee Reizen reported on its experiences with carbon management. Questions asked by the public showed a genuine interest in the work done, and should lead to increasing industry engagement with measuring and reducing tourism emissions in the future.

The presentations can be accessed here:

Stefan Gössling,  Dept. of Service Management, Lund University: "Economic profits through climate change? Exploring transports, food and water management"

Floris Fluitsma, Sawadee Reizen: "Carbon footprint onderzoek" (in Dutch)