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Can Tourism ‘Seal the Deal’ of its Mitigation Commitments?: The Challenge of Achieving

Scott, D, Peeters.P, Gössling, S.
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Scott, D., Peeters, P. & Gössling, S. (2009) Can Tourism ‘Seal the Deal’ of its Mitigation Commitments? The Challenge of Achieving ‘Aspirational’ Emission Reduction Targets University of Waterloo, NHTV University for Applied Sciences, Lund University.

As the international negotiations of a successor to the Kyoto Protocol intensify in anticipation of the COP-15 in Copenhagen in December, each nation and major economic sector is assessing its ability to contribute to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions over the crucial next 10-30 years. Tourism is no exception and the Gothenburg Symposium organized by the European Travel Commission, Visit Sweden and the UN World Tourism Organization (14-15th of September, 2009), is to make an important contribution to ‘sealing the deal’ in Copenhagen. This review of the mitigation challenge facing the tourism sector reveals that the links between tourism, climate change and the tourism sector’s own voluntary mitigation commitments interact in a way that, if not guided by strategic international policy framework, will ultimately be detrimental to the development of tourism or a roadblock to effective greenhouse gas emission reductions that are required to avoid ‘dangerous’ climate change.
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