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Negative emotions in tourism: a meaningful analysis

Nawijn, J., & Biran, A.
Bibliographical information:
Nawijn, J., & Biran, A. (2018). Negative emotions in tourism: a meaningful analysis. Current Issues in Tourism, 1-13. doi: 10.1080/13683500.2018.1451495
In this paper, we critically examine the use of (negative) emotions in psychology, consumer behaviour and tourism. We find that (1) negative emotions form an integral part of the tourist experience in certain tourism contexts, particularly in dark tourism and types of travel that involve transformation of the self, (2) negative emotions can have multiple positive outcomes and (3) these positive outcomes are present in hedonic and non-hedonic tourism contexts, yet they occur occasionally in hedonic and more systematically in non-hedonic tourism contexts. We conclude that negative emotions contribute to eudaimonic experiences by affecting different types of meaning in life.

Eudaimonic happiness, hedonism, tourist experience, feelings, meaning in life

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