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Pro-Poor Tourism, Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Peeters, P.
Bibliographical information:
Peeters, P. (2012). Pro-Poor Tourism, Climate Change and Sustainable Development. In T. V. Singh (Ed.), Critical Debates in Tourism (pp. 141-144). Bristol, UK: Channel View Publications.

This chapter originally appeared as "Peeters, P. (2009) Pro-poor tourism, climate change and sustainable development. Tourism Recreation Research, 34 (2), 203-205".

In this volume edited by T.V. Singh, tourism experts collectively discuss and debate some intriguing questions that the tourism industry poses, such as the relevance of mass tourism, the dilemma of authenticity, whether small tourism is beautiful, whether volunteer tourism is benign, whether tourism contributes to climate change, as well as many others. The book brings together the expertise of 35 renowned international scholars of tourism to examine these perplexing issues. Multidisciplinary in its contents, it touches upon anthropology, sociology, geography, climatology, biosciences, and planning and development aspects of tourism. The book provides a dialogue for an academic discussion which challenges research conservatism and stereotypes in tourism studies. It will encourage scholars to test the consistency of critical notions whose heuristic value is often taken for granted. The book will benefit graduates, research scholars and those involved in organizing the industry sustainably.

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