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Reizen op grote voet 2008

Kim de Bruijn, Rob Dirven, Eke Eijgelaar & Paul Peeters
Bibliographical information:
de Bruijn, K., Dirven, R., Eijgelaar, E. & Peeters, P. (2009) Reizen op grote voet 2008: De carbon footprint van vakanties van Nederlanders in 2008 en de ontwikkeling sinds 2002. Breda, Netherlands: NHTV; NRIT Research; NBTC-NIPO Research.

The impact of tourism on the environment in general and climate in particular is receiving attention. The report Reizen op grote voet 2008, describes the results of a research on the environmental impact of Dutch holidays expressed as "carbon footprint"; carbon dioxide emissions responsible for climate change.

This study is a complete overview of the impact of the Dutch tourist on the environment for the year 2008 and presents the development of the carbon footprint of the Dutch tourist over the years 2002-2005-2008.

The report is in Dutch.
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