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Celiane Camargo-Borges

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Career:Celiane is a lecturer, researcher, Brazilian Country Expert and practitioner working at the interface of psychology, health/wellbeing, community building, education, process design and organizational development. Her work focuses on relational forms of practices creating a more effective means of collaboration and decision making. She is interested in exploring how individuals can come together through dialogic relations - improving interaction and collaboration. She is also very focused on participatory ways of developing research such as community practices,  arts-based research, narrative research and storytelling. 
Celiane considers herself a transdisciplinary professional. She has also lived in many parts of the world. As a Brazilian, moving to England, then to the USA, Taiwan, Singapore and finally to The Netherlands, she has cultivated a cross-cultural understanding and a sensitivity to differences. All these movements, and the intertwined experiences that have accompanied them, have given her a fluid professional identity. With this interdisciplinary background, combined with her cross cultural experience, she is engaged in blurring disciplinary boundaries and integrating different ways of knowing to help tackle complex matters, such as those related to Imagineering and Tourism Destination Management.

[Note that this profile is not yet complete. You are welcome to look at this researcher's profile in BUas' research database PURE.]
Expertise:destination management & development, storytelling, imagineering, collaboration & decision-making