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Corné Dijkmans

Research Manager Academy for Tourism
Education:Corné Dijkmans, M.Sc., M.M. (1965) received his master degree in Business Economics from Tilburg University in 1988 and his master degree in Marketing from TIAS School for Business and Society in 1994.
Career:Corné is the Manager of Research & Business Innovation of the Tourism department of Breda University of Applied Sciences, and member of the Academy's Management Team. He is also Senior Lecturer/Researcher in Online Marketing & New Media.

In 2018 he obtained his PhD at the department of Communication Science at VU University Amsterdam. His research at VU Amsterdam was focused on the effects of the use of new communication technology and social media by companies on consumers, in particular in the travel- and tourism industry.

Corné has published in scientific journals such as Tourism Management and Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, as well as professional articles and presentations. He also participated in the EU Lifelong Learning Program with regard to teacher trainings to improve the attractiveness and quality of management education by the use of information technology, e-learning and management simulation tools.

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Expertise:online communication, social media, travel technology, e-tourism, online marketing


The tourism sector in transition
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From monologues to dialogues: interactivity in company social media use
Dijkmans, C.H.S. (2018). From monologues to dialogues: interactivity in company social media use. (PhD), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
Overtourism: impact and possible policy responses
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Tourism and the sharing economy
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