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Ivar Neelis

CSTT staff members
Education:Ivar graduated as Master of Science in Cultural Geography and Tourism at Radboud University (Nijmegen) in 2019, after finishing a Bachelor in Business Administration and a pre-Master in Human Geography. His Master Thesis research was on the role of distance in tourism travel.
Career:Ivar joined the CSTT early 2019. He is now Assistant Researcher in Sustainable Tourism Transport, mainly focusing on processing and configuring data in excel and SPSS, and reporting. From 2020 onwards, Ivar also started teaching for BUas.

[Note that you are also welcome to look at Ivar's researcher profile in BUas' research database PURE.]
Expertise:carbon footprint, sustainable tourism, research methods


De impact van luchtvaartgeluid op toerisme en verblijfsrecreatie: Verkennend onderzoek voor Zuid-Limburg
Peeters, P., Eijgelaar, E., Neelis, I., & van Adrichem, C. (2020). De impact van luchtvaartgeluid op toerisme en verblijfsrecreatie. Verkennend onderzoek voor Zuid-Limburg. Breda: Breda University of Applied Sciences.