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Rose de Vrieze-McBean

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Career:Rose de Vrieze-McBean is a senior lecturer at BUas. She has worked for BUas since 2002, serving the longest period of time at the Academy for Tourism. She lectures in English and Academic Skills but she also works in the research department. Her research interests focus around three main topics: Education, Culture and Tourism. She has written articles on these topics. These are titled:  “Addressing Cultural Diversity in the International Classroom: a Challenge or an Opportunity” in: IAFOR Journal of Education / Volume 4 Issue 1/IAFOR; and “The Social, Economical and Cultural Impact of Chinese Millennial Tourists on Europe: France as a Case Study” (p. 144 – 164), Hong Kong 2016 Proceedings, vol.1.pdf p. 9.  Both articles have been published as conference proceedings.

Rose is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Bedfordshire in London. She is investigating the “Multi-dimensionalities of Chinese Outbound Tourism to Developed Destination: A focus on the Netherlands”.

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Expertise:China and Chinese tourism