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Airfare price perception and sustainability

Nawijn, J., Dams, E. en Peeters, P.
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Nawijn, J., Dams, E., Peeters, P. (2007). Airfare Price Perception and Sustainability. 16TH Nordic Symposium in Tourism Research, Helsingborg.

The impact of tourism air transport on global environmental problems like climate change is large and growing fast. Low cost airlines’ pricing strategies and promotional efforts enable tourists to fly more frequent than ever before. The objective of this study was to analyze the price perception of tourists regarding air transport. Did the frequent promotion of low cost airlines influence price perception of aviation in general, and consequently the number of trips tourists make? A questionnaire was held among 502 Dutch respondents, regarding their perception of ticket prices and some other closely related issues. The most important finding was that tourists significantly underestimate the costs of flying, and that respondents with a very low price perception had significantly more future flying plans within Europe.
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