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Calculating emissions and radiative forcing: global, national, local, individual

Peeters, P. & Williams, V.

Bibliographical information:
Peeters, P. & Williams, V. (2009) Calculating emissions and radiative forcing: global, national, local, individual. IN Gössling, S. & Upham, P. (Eds.) Climate change and aviation: Issues, challenges and solutions, 69-87. London: Earthscan.

Airlines, governments, NGOs, scientists, consultants and aviation organizations involved in the discussion on climate change try to provide estimates of the impact of aviation on the climate. The metrics used describe CO2 emissions or use a proxy for the net climate impact. However, there is large variability, linked to problems with defining average flight conditions and to difficulties describing how emissions and their atmospheric impacts evolve. The chapter describes methods to calculate emissions from a single flight to the global aircraft fleet and explains how to cope with non-carbon impacts on climate change descrfibiomng several metrics like the RFI (radiative forcing index).

The PDF of the book is available here.