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From monologues to dialogues: interactivity in company social media use

Dijkmans, C. H. S.
Bibliographical information:
Dijkmans, C.H.S. (2018). From monologues to dialogues: interactivity in company social media use. (PhD), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
From the summary:
The professional use of public social media by companies has a rather short history of 10 to 12 years (i.e., the most-used social media platforms for company communication – Facebook and Twitter – were founded in 2005 and 2006, respectively). Also from a scholarly perspective, the study of company social media use is still in its infancy. This work aims to advance this field of study. More specifically, it investigates the role of online company interactivity, consumer engagement and conversational human voice. The effects of these concepts on the reputation of companies is examined, as well as their consequences for customers’ affective commitment with companies. The specific focus in this dissertation is on the tourism and travel industry, a sector that is considered as crucial for global economic development and employability, in particular in emerging markets. As a result of the characteristics of the tourism product (e.g., an intangible, high-involvement product), this sector has been highly affected by the emergence of social media.
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