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Goal 13: Climate Action

Eijgelaar, E., & Peeters, P.
Bibliographical information:
Eijgelaar, E., & Peeters, P. (2017). Goal 13: Climate Action. In E. Canada, K. Karschat, L. Jäger, C. Kamp, F. de Man, S. Mangalasseri, M. Maurer, A. Monshausen, C. Plüss, A. Rutherford & C. Tremel (Eds.), Transforming Tourism: Tourism in the 2030 Agenda (pp. 75-79). Berlin, Germany.
About the Compendium (from the Transforming Tourism website):

Tourism in the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development
"The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was adopted in September 2015. Its groundbreaking title “Transforming our World” offers a great opportunity towards positive change as it clearly rejects the idea of a passive business as usual-approach.

Sustainable tourism is mentioned several times in the 2030 Agenda. Authors of this online-compendium have gathered and analyzed empirical studies, academic research, case studies, and own experiences to describe the connections between tourism and every single one of the 17 SDGs. Their reflections demonstrate, that modest socio-economic or ecological adjustments in production and consumption – which is usually understood by the term 'sustainable tourism' - will not bring the necessary change – and thus will fail to address both: sustainability and development.

Transforming our world is not possible without transforming tourism. With this online-compendium and the Berlin Declaration we want not only encourage further reflection and debate, but activities and actions."

Eke Eijgelaar and Paul Peeters contributed the chapter on Goal 13: Climate Action. The online chapter can be accessed here. The PDF of the whole compendium here.