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Have bicycle, will travel

Eijgelaar, E., Piket, P., & Peeters, P.

Bibliographical information:
Eijgelaar, E., Piket, P., & Peeters, P. (2011). Have bicycle, will travel. Cycling Mobility, 1(1).

More people are turning to cycling tourism for their holidays and recreation time, bringing economic benefits to the communities through which they pass. Eke Eijgelaar, Pieter Piket and Paul Peeters analyse the latest research in this new bicycle journal.

Cycling Mobility is the international journal which will help readers understand the global picture of today’s trends and tomorrow’s innovation in cycling infrastructure and policies. Commentating on the present and helping to shape the future of our cities and their sustainable transport infrastructure, Cycling Mobility offers the opportunity to influence the professionals shaping our world through an unparalleled communication channel.

Note: Unfortunately, Cycling Mobility magazine and website have been discontinued as of January 2012. We have therefore attached the PDF.
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