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Leisure travel and happiness

Nawijn, J.
Bibliographical information:
Nawijn, J. (2012). Leisure travel and happiness: An empirical study into the effect of holiday trips on individuals' subjective wellbeing. PhD, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam.

Today's society allows individuals more choice than ever in human history and is therefore characterised as a 'multiple choice society'. The life-choices an individual makes have an impact on their happiness and that of others. To make thought-out decisions, modern citizens need to be informed about the probable consequences of these decisions on theur happiness. Life choices typically involve decisions on time use and, hence, there is need for information about the effects of time use on happiness. This dissertation investigated how the allocation of leisure time affects one's happiness. The use of leisure time offers a good case to examine, since this is something over which individuals have much control. The specific focus of this dissertation was on leisure travel. Its findings allow for better-informed consumers and an improved product offer by the tourism industry.

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