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The impact of tourism on climate change

Peeters, P.
Bibliographical information:
Peeters, P. (2007) The impact of tourism on climate change. Policy dialogue on tourism, transport and climate change: Stakeholders meet researchers, 15-04-2007. paris: eCLAT.

The impact of tourism activities on climate change are not very evenly distributed over the different kinds of tourism. Main determinants are the distance between the destination and the homes of the tourists, the transport mode choice and the length of stay. Overall impact of tourism is between 4% and 10% globally, but can be as high as 20% for developed economies. Almost 90% of all tourism greenhouse gas emissions are generated by transport in general and some 70-80% of this relates to air transport in particular, while road transport is still the main transport mode for tourism (in number of trips). Generally tourists tend to choose more often for air transport, destinations at longer distances and shorter stays plus increasing number of trips. All of these choices direct to a reduction of the eco-efficiency of tourism. Some further prospects for technological innovation in air transport exist, but progress will not be large enough to compensate for the growth of air transport volume.    
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