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Work during vacation: Not so bad after all

Nawijn, J., & Damen, Y.
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Nawijn, J., & Damen, Y. (2014). Work during vacation: Not so bad after all. Tourism Analysis, 19(6), 759-767. doi: 10.3727/108354214X14146846679565
Work during vacation is publicly and theoretically seen as detrimental to vacationers’ quality of life. This study investigated whether work during vacation affects vacationers’ quality of life in terms of intensity of felt emotions and needs fulfillment. A sample of international tourists in the Netherlands (N = 374) took part in a street survey. Findings indicate that workers’ and nonworkers’ emotional experience is not statistically different during vacation. The fulfillment of needs is also identical between workers andnonworkers. Ninety-seven percent of workers are satisfied with the balance between work and leisure time during vacation. These findings suggest that working tourists effectively combine work and leisure. Some dissatisfaction did arise from the lack of certain work facilities. Implications for the tourism industry and suggestions for further research are provided.

Work; Emotions; Quality of life; Need theory; Liquid leisure; Self-actualization

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