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Zero CO2 emissions aviation

Peeters, P., Lyle, C. & Goodwin, H.
Bibliographical information:
Peeters, P., Lyle, C. & Goodwin, H. (2021) Zero CO2 emissions aviation. Breda/Montreal/London: BUas Centre of Sustainability, Tourism and Transport, Air Transport Economics, Responsible Tourism Partnership.
Chris Lyle of (Air Transport Economics, Montreal), Harold Goodwin (Responsible Tourism Network, London) and Paul Peeters joined forces to write a short Position paper about zero greenhouse gas emissions aviation (link). Aviation is one of the ‘hard to abate’ sources for CO2 and greenhouse gases causing climate change. Only few options exist to reduce the emissions from air travel to zero. The paper describes such a scenario and provides recommendations for policymakers and then industry.
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