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At CSTT, we offer a variety of services in research and education.

Research & Consultancy

CSTT is available for research and consultancy projects and we are happy to provide customers with a project proposal/offer for any of the following topics:

  • Carbon footprint assessments of tourism businesses (accommodations, tour operators, travel agencies, theme parks, transport companies); public organisations (municipalities, regions, countries, global) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • Climate strategies for tourism and recreation related enterprises, governments and NGOs
  • Scenario analysis
  • Spatial analyses including GIS, mapping of conflicting spatial developments, transportation modelling
  • Visitor/tourist flow measurements
  • Visitor/tourist experience and behaviour studies
  • Sustainability indicator analyses of tourism and tourism destinations
  • Eco-efficiency analyses
  • Impact analyses of tourism on nature and eco systems
  • Analyses of (low-carbon) tourism types and tourism transport modes on the regional, national or international level (e.g. cycle tourism, coach tourism, rail travel, slow travel)
Education & training
  • Theses: Students from in- and outside Breda University of Applied Sciences are offered thesis topics via CSTT (see the Theses page for current topics)
  • Development of Minors
  • Contributions to Majors
  • Train-the-trainer training courses
  • Workshops, seminars and conferences
Please contact Paul Peeters for more information at peeters.p@buas.nl or use the contact form on this website.