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On this page we like to present you our team of experts working for CSTT. The experts have varying backgrounds and work in different disciplines, thus ensuring the full expertise required within sustainability studies.

Associated Professor Sustainable Tourism and Transport

Paul Peeters
environmental impacts of tourism, climate change mitigation, aviation, eco-efficiency, carbon footprint, transport technology, tourism transport, carbon management, (system dynamic) modelling
E-mail: peeters.p@nhtv.nl

CSTT staff members

Christa Barten
heritage management, qualitative research, quantitative research
E-mail: barten.c@nhtv.nl
Rob Bongaerts
tourism economics, aviation, economic aspects of sustainability, corporate social responsibility
E-mail: bongaerts.r@nhtv.nl
Kim de Bruijn
environmental impacts of tourism, human tourism & leisure behaviour
E-mail: kim@nrit.nl
Harald Buijtendijk
sustainable tourism, destination management & development, innovation, business models, value creation
E-mail: buijtendijk.h@nhtv.nl
Eke Eijgelaar
environmental impacts of tourism, cycle tourism, eco-efficiency, carbon footprint, carbon management, carbon offsetting in tourism, cruise tourism, tourism emissions
E-mail: eijgelaar.e@nhtv.nl
Jeroen Klijs
tourism economics, economic aspects of sustainability, eco-efficiency, input-output models
E-mail: klijs.j@nhtv.nl
Martin Landré
Geographical Information Systems (GIS), cartography, land use planning
Jeroen Nawijn
subjective well-being, positive psychology, sustainable tourism, quality of life, emotions, motivations
E-mail: nawijn.j@nhtv.nl
Pieter Piket
cycle tourism, tourism economics, accounting, economic aspects of sustainability, international economics, European Union
E-mail: piket.p@nhtv.nl

Former CSTT staff

Camillo De Camillis
Jelmer Jeuring
Rianne Nelemans
Jorick Pels
Jakomijn van Wijk
Lilian Wanderley